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In addition to the many global targets, YCG, LLC believes strongly in giving back to the global community. As a result it has helped to inspire and support the efforts of THE  Y.O.U. INSTITUTE® whose mission is to provide quality educational community seminars, certification programs and coaching services to families, individuals and entities using the ULT cutting edge curriculum, technology and strategies to better facilitate an understanding of human nature for purposes of creating healthy relationships in business, home and life. YCG is an Approved CE Provider by the BBS, the BRN and the ICF for those seeking license renewal credits.


In YCG’s dealings with business, education and mainstream over the last several years, it became evident that not everyone could remedy their life’s problems with a one 7-10 page report. Instead the more expensive route was often required whereby low-income family members would need to be assessed and receive the qualified care of a certified YCG practitioner for more than one visit. Often times a resolution program could run into thousands of dollars. With young men coming home from the war, single parents struggling to resolve children in crisis and issues of divorce mounting daily compounded by financial hardship, it became obvious that a program offering assessments, education and services to those suffering and longing for solutions was needed. YCG offers discounted services for military families in transition and single parents with teens in crisis. To apply, contact The YOU Institute at 877-517-9384 toll free.