Our Team

YCG, LLC aka The Y.O.U. Consulting Group in conjunction with The Y.O.U. Institute is proud to align itself with brilliant individuals that understand the value and the purpose behind The Ultimate Life Tool technology. To date, over 100 professionals have become trained as ULT experts, Certified Life Coaches, YCG Facilitators and Master Trainers in educating others in the use and understanding of the Ultimate Life Tool advanced human assessment technology and the methodology behind it.  They come from various walks of life. Many physicians, attorneys, educators, psychologists, therapists, existing coaches and individuals called to help others have enlisted the use of the technology for their personal and professional life as well as becoming certified ULT experts in the technology and its methodology.

Each trained practitioner possesses a level of understanding that can open the eyes of mankind, recognizing that nature doesn't make mistakes man does. If you would like to learn more about our coaching services, seminars and applied methodologies, please contact The Y.O.U. Institute for more information.  Services are provided virtually and onsite worldwide.