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Lana Fuchs

Lana Fuchs

C.Y.P., C.Y.T.  YCG 

Certified Professioinal

Life Makeover Specialist

Success Mentor




Lana Fuchs is a YCG Certified Professional and Success Mentor, whose mission is to help individuals from all walks of life learn to understand themselves and those around them, claim their individual power, and achieve personal success in all areas of their lives.  In addition to assisting various demographics, Lana uses fame, fortune and insight to guide troubled youth and families in a direction that allows them to experience success and self-acceptance.  Her expertise and methodology of choice is the ULT. 

The Ultimate Life Tool© (ULT) is a short online test that takes only10 minutes. It is the most advanced Human Assessment Technology on the market today- (Accredited by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences and the State Board of Nursing.) In order to achieve real, long lasting success, we must have balance in all areas of our lives.  Only then, can we attain and maintain health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. That Ultimate Life Tool is designed to reveal your Authentic Natural Gifts and to teach you how to use them to live the life you want.

Lana Fuchs is also the President and CEO of Billionaire Mafia, a Lifestyle Clothing Brand, which has become a top contender in the apparel industry in only a few years.  Lana continues to be involved in all aspects of the company, from design and manufacturing, to sales and marketing.  Since the creation of Billionaire Mafia in 2008, Lana has succeeded in turning her brainchild from a small tee shirt business into a global lifestyle clothing brand consisting of a full line of knits, wovens, denim, leather, tees, jewelry and much more.  Currently in 400+ select specialty retailers in the United States, Billionaire Mafia is currently in the process of establishing its flagship stores nationwide and distribution overseas.

Additionally, Lana Fuchs owns Lana Fuchs Couture, a high end couture line for women and has created Mafia Worldwide, a non-profit organization and sister company to Billionaire Mafia, whose mission is to make positive changes to the planet by helping underprivileged youth achieve greatness through music, art and fashion. 

Prior to embarking on her fashion journey, Lana has worked as a life and business management consultant, teaching individuals from all walks of life to manage their personal lives and businesses better.  In true “Lana” style, she continues to mentor individuals helping them to achieve success.