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Currently our services include:

  • Online assessments and reports
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Professional certification
  • Onsite delivery (see applications below)

A Wide Range of Applications

As an advanced cutting edge instrumentation for measuring human behavior and occupational strengths, The Ultimate Life Tool® provides a wide range of applications including:

Pre-Employment Conflict Management
Individual Development Stress Management
Team Building Culture Management
Team Development Mergers and Acquisitions
Career Guidance Workplace Diversity
Career Management Succession Planning
Career Transition Crisis Management
Coaching Matchmaking
Executive Coaching Pre & Post Marital Coaching
Leadership Development Recovery Advisement
Education & the Classroom Healthcare & Alternative Healing


Courses for Healthcare & Education Professionals

The BBS and BRN has approved the following courses for CE credits towards professional license renewal. These courses are conducted onsite and virtually by Level V Certified YCG Professionals.

How a Child Learns  Identifying strategies for effective communication based on physical traits and electromagnetic properties in children.   

6 hours         2 day       $150


Life Management 101 Identifying areas of "personal potential" according to the laws of nature.

6 hours         2 day       $150


To schedule a class or for more information please contact THE YOU INSTITUTE at (760) 230-8016 or Toll Free at (877) 517-9384.