“Nature-Based Human Assessment Technology”

What is The Ultimate Life Tool®?

The Ultimate Life Tool® technology is a 10 minute online human assessment followed by a 7-10 page detailed report that facilitates team building, executive coaching leadership development, career counseling, matchmaking, as well as family, relationship and interpersonal conflict resolution. The Ultimate Life Tool® uses The Knowledge of Y.O.U., aka Your Own Understanding, to assist others in identifying authentic natural traits and polarities influencing personal performance. The Knowledge distills motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation into one single assessment, which provides a multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis, thus reducing the need for multiple assessments.

Understanding More

The tool is a patented proprietary assessment instrument of understanding based on the laws of nature, and grounded in science. It has been around for a very long time but it is now distilled in a form that we can use and apply to life to help us truly understand ourselves and others.

The knowledge is objective; meaning you don’t have to give anything up to embrace and understand what motivates you and others. Current psychometric instruments have greater meaning when the Ultimate Life Tool technology is used as a precursor. It provides a place for other results to exist, enhancing a greater understanding of human nature.

Imagine if we were given a personal “operating manual” when we were born. Through a combination of natural traits, polarities and an overall translation of the results of YCG’s Ultimate Life Tool®, certified YCG consultants identify the respondent's personal styles (your natural physical traits) and unlike most other popular assessments, this provides unique insights into underlying needs and motivations as they relate to physical law. Toxic situations and dis-ease is identified and explained when these needs are not met. Recognizing specific authentic needs and motivations and the consequences of these unmet needs gives the consultant, coach, practitioner, counselor and organizational development professional an effective way to improve personal and interpersonal workplace performance. This helps to reduce toxicity, conflict, and create a greater influx of intelligence overall. The outcome offers increased performance, increased revenue for the company and a deeper understanding of friends, co-workers, family and all others who touch our lives.

In brief, The Ultimate Life Tool® addresses five categories:

  1. Traits - An individual's natural physical style they are born with that gives us a unique insight into that person's needs and motivations.
  2. Motivation – What “drives” a person, or motivates them to do the things they do and how these can get “fed” or honored so they can accomplish their goals and rise to their full potential.
  3. Boundaries - An individual's personal preferences and level of tolerance in others and environments.
  4. Communication Style – Each individual’s mode of how they learn, communicate and process information. Understanding our energy centers as they relate to communication is vital to their ability for communication.
  5. Perception – Defines each person’s electromagnetic potential. Whether they are positive or negative, (both are good) it’s just the individual’s personal approach to finding what is “working” or “not working” first.

The Y.O.U. Ultimate Life Tool® Report and Translation

The Y.O.U. Ultimate Life Tool® is always delivered online. Certified YCG Practitioners review reports in preparation for personal consultations. YCG’s customers and licensees can access a variety of different reports and have the flexibility to combine reports specific to their needs.