Y.O.U. & The Ultimate Life Tool Book


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What if you could understand a person by just looking at them?

What if you knew what to expect from them in terms of performance, never to experience disappointment again?

What if blue eyes, dark skin and thick wavy hair gave you enough information to honor the true nature of such an individual?

With the Knowledge of Y.O.U.® and The Ultimate Life Tool® one can connect authentically with their children, clients, co-workers and family. If there is a human in the equation, The Ultimate Life Tool® can offer solutions to real life challenges. If it’s infidelity, fatigue, addiction, an identity crisis, raising a special needs child, creating productive work environments, or just a lack of passion for life, The Ultimate Life Tool® offers Natural Solutions to situations that have become problematic because the PHYSICAL laws of nature have likely been overlooked. We can easily recognize trees and animals without having to question which is likely to make shade, roar, hop or meow. Yet, we are the only species that cannot SEE itself in its own Natural Perfection. Instead we form judgments about others based on their dress, their ability to converse, their smell, their car, education, family, story, resume and where they live; all of which tells us nothing about the true nature of an individual. Until we remember how to SEE each other in our states of authenticity we will continue to impose our own will, opinions and beliefs upon one another only to mimic… The Blind leading The Blind. The Knowledge of Y.O.U.® and The Ultimate Life Tool® will open your eyes to a whole new perspective on life. A new understanding and respect for yourself and human nature will manifest and life will simply make sense.

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