Welcome to The Ultimate Life Tool assessment with DREAM Wellness! The test takes approximately 15 minutes and there are no wrong answers. Answer each question as quickly as possible. Pay close attention to the word "NATURAL" as many people alter their appearance substantially with today's products and scientific advancements. Try not to dwell on any one question too long. Once you move to the next page, DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON!  Also, do not ask anyone around you their opinion on how to answer YOUR questions (unless it's about a physical characteristic that you can't answer on your own).  Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer.  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari work best.

For more information or to answer any questions, contact Brooke Stenzler at DREAM Wellness, 858-847-0110 ext 107 or email Brooke.

[Please note, immediately after you complete the test, it may take you to a screen asking for "login" information. Disregard, you are finished!]