Welcome to The Ultimate Life Tool®

This evolutionary Human Assessment Instrument enables professionals and individuals to identify personal potential, human tolerance, perceptivity, motivations and behavioral strengths & weaknesses.  The test takes approximately 10 minutes and there are no wrong answers. Answer each question as quickly as possible. Try not to dwell on any one question too long. You will receive an informative 7-10 page report addressing your strengths, boundaries, motivations and energy potential.  We call this your "operating manual", the one you didn't get the day you arrived. This helps to reduce toxicity, conflict, and create a greater influx of intelligence overall. The purpose for taking this test serves to let you, family members, friends, trainers and employers to know best how to feed you so that you may rise to your full potential.  It helps everyone recognize what is appropriate for you.  This, in turn, elicits mutual respect and cultivates success.