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As a practitioner trained in the Knowledge of Y.O.U., I am available to guide you with suggestions and solutions for maintaining your personal optimum performance in life and to navigate the world you live in NOW. This test takes approximately 10 minutes and there are no wrong answers. Answer each question as quickly as possible for the most accurate results. You will later receive an informative 7-10 page report addressing your strengths, boundaries, motivations, and energy potential. This report is your Life Map. 

If you would simply like to take the test and receive your personalized 7-10 page ULT Summary Report, you may choose the first option.

And if you would like to receive short or long term guidance, including your personalized report, an initial consultation, a two hour life mapping session, and follow up sessions, please choose the third option below.

If you have any questions about the different options, please email me at shoogjones@gmail.com.

Cinthya "Sugar" Jones
Certified ULT technologist and Y.O.U. Consultant

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